Business recovery

There may come a time during a corporate lifecycle when an organization expriences financial difficulties and recovery is required. Unfortunately, in the majority of the cases, the situation has gotten to such point where the only solution is a complete restructuring and the inconveniences that ensue.

However, there exist certain warning signs that managers can heed to see the direction in which their business is headed. There are a variety of signs to watch for: lack of liquidity, deficiency of financial ratios, difficult relation with suppliers, profit loss, insufficient funds to cover debt, concern shown from investors and other parties involved.

As soons as these signs appear, contact Realise Ideal to develop and implement a recovery plan before the only option left is a total restructuration.

The advantages of prompt action are:

Continuity : Of your business;

Credibility : To show that you act responsibly;

Retention : Employments;

Protection : Business relations with your suppliers, customers and investors.

redressement d'entreprise